Roof Repair

A small roof problem can develop into a costly and complicated issue. At Sunset Roofing Co. We perform a thorough roof inspection to ensure that we fix the roof problem right the first time. Our quality work is backed by the best warranties in the roof industry. We only hire qualified and certified specialists, so you can rest knowing that your work is handled with high standard of professionalism.

The following are signs that indicates your roof may need repair.

  • Broken, cracked, or loose roof tiles or other roof fixtures.

  • Water overflowing from your gutters.

  • Brown stains on the ceiling or walls.

  • A damp feeling in the house or building.Rust on roof fixtures.

  • Water overflowing from your gutters.

  • Tapping noises in your ceiling when it rains.

  • Missing flashing or flashing that is peeling back.

At Sunset Roofing Co. we take your roof repair seriously and we will take the necessary measures to ensure that the issue does not reoccur. We also provide supportĀ  to our customers to help them navigate the confusing details of insurance claims. Give us a call today to request a service or to learn more about our repair services.